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Neodymium Pin Magnet – Plastic or Nickel coating

Elevate the way you organize and display with our Neodymium Pin Magnets, a sleek and powerful solution for a variety of applications. These metallic silver magnetic push pins, with an option of a durable plastic case or an elegant nickel coating, are not just functional but also add a touch of sophistication to any setting.

    Key Features

    • Strong Neodymium Core: At the heart of each pin is a potent neodymium magnet, providing an unexpectedly strong hold for their compact size.
    • Elegant Metallic Finish: Available in a classic silver color, these magnets are as stylish as they are practical, suitable for both professional and personal environments.
    • Versatile Applications: Perfect for use on refrigerators, whiteboards, office cabinets, and magnetic maps, these magnets can securely hold papers, photos, and notes.
    • Protective Coatings: Choose between a durable plastic casing for a colorful touch or a sophisticated nickel coating for enhanced durability and a premium feel.
    • Compact and Convenient: These small yet powerful magnets are easy to handle and move, making them ideal for everyday use.


    • Fridge Magnets: Keep your kitchen organized by holding up grocery lists, recipes, or family photos.
    • Office Magnets: Ideal for holding documents on whiteboards or filing cabinets in the workplace.
    • Whiteboard Magnets: Perfect for educational settings, allowing teachers and students to attach notices or educational material.
    • Map Magnets: Use them to mark locations on magnetic maps, useful for planning trips or educational purposes.

    Whether you’re looking to enhance your office’s organization, add a practical touch to your home, or just need a reliable way to display information, our Neodymium Pin Magnets are up to the task. Their blend of strength, style, and versatility makes them an essential accessory in any setting.

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    Production Process

    1. Material preparation: Prepare NdFeB magnet material, plastic or metal shell material, and other materials needed for making magnetic needle.

    2. Cutting the magnet material: cut the NdFeB magnet material into small pieces of required size according to the design requirements.

    3. Machining: Perform precision machining on the cut magnet material, including grinding, drilling and polishing, to ensure that its shape and size meet the requirements.

    4. Assembly: The processed magnet material is put into the plastic or metal housing and the magnetic pin is fixed on the housing to form the Neodymium Pin Magnet.

    5. Quality Inspection: Carry out quality inspection on the fabricated magnetic pins, including checking the appearance quality and magnetic properties.

    6. Packaging: Packaging the magnetic pins that pass the quality inspection, ready for shipment or sale.

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