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NdFeB Pot Magnet Style A with nickel coating

Discover the pinnacle of magnetic performance with our heavy-duty NdFeB pot magnets. Engineered with the most potent rare earth magnets, these tools boast a super-strong magnetic attraction that securely holds and hangs objects in place. Each pot magnet is encased in a durable metal 'pot' to focus the magnetic force and protect against wear and tear.

    Key Features

    • POWERFUL MAGNETIC PERFORMANCE: Due to the use of permanent magnetic material NdFeB, the magnet has strong magnetic suction and stable magnetic performance, which is capable of adsorbing and fixing a large number of metal objects.
    • Nickel-plated surface treatment: Through nickel-plated surface treatment, the corrosion and wear resistance of the magnet is improved, which prolongs the service life of the magnet and is also aesthetically pleasing.
    • Multiple specifications available: Suppliers usually provide NdFeB Pot Magnet with multiple specifications and sizes to meet the needs of different application scenarios.
    • Multi-purpose application: NdFeB Pot Magnet is suitable for a variety of industrial and household uses, such as fixing, adsorption, hanging, etc., with high flexibility.
    • Functional Design: Each magnet has a screw for easy connection, making it an excellent choice for hanging signs, equipment, or artwork with confidence.


    • Hanging workshop tools
    • Organization for warehouse metal
    • Signage and lighting fixtures
    • Initiatives for the home that need a firm grip
    • Industrial elevation and orientation
    Pot Mag A apply1wkg
    Pot Mag A apply2cyh
    Pot Mag A apply34m1

    Production Process

    1. Material preparation: Prepare NdFeB magnet material, steel or other materials to make the inner shell, and nickel-coated treated materials.

    2. Cutting and molding: according to the design requirements, cut the NdFeB magnet material into the required size, and make the inner shell from steel or other materials.

    3. Nickel coating treatment for NdFeB magnets: Nickel coating treatment is applied to NdFeB magnets by electroplating or other methods to increase corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

    4. Assembly: Put the treated NdFeB magnets into the inner casing and fix and assemble them into NdFeB Pot Magnet.

    5. Quality Inspection: Conduct quality inspection on the appearance and performance of the fabricated Pot Magnet to ensure that the product meets the standard.

    With our NdFeB pot magnets, you can expect a level of magnetic attraction that transforms the way you hang, hold, and mount objects. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these magnets offer a blend of performance and durability that stands out in the market.

    Pot Mag A Parameters3cd2
    Pot Mag A Parameters415f
    Pot Mag A Parameters16f2
    Pot Mag A Parameters2sxb

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