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Sintered Neodymium NdFeB Block Magnet for Electric Vehicle Motor

Sintered NdFeB block magnet is a high-performance permanent magnet material composed of the rare earth elements neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B). It is widely used in the motor system of electric vehicles to provide strong magnetic force and efficient power transmission.

    Product Features

    • High Magnetic Properties: with extremely strong magnetic properties, it can provide stable and long-lasting magnetic field, which makes the motor have high efficiency and power output.
    • Stability: Sintered NdFeB block magnets have good magnetic stability, are not easy to demagnetize and have a long service life.
    • Customizable: they can be customized according to the needs of different motor designs, including size, shape and surface treatment.

    Product Applications

    • Electric Vehicle Motors: used in the drive motors of electric vehicles to provide a strong magnetic field and power to make the motor performance more efficient.
    • Hybrid Vehicle Motors: Used in the motor system of hybrid vehicles to help improve the fuel economy and power output of the vehicle.
    • Other Electric Equipments: applicable to various electric equipments that require permanent magnet materials, such as wind turbines and power tools.

    Precautions For Use

    • Avoid Shock: Avoid strong shock to the magnet to avoid destroying its structure and magnetic properties.
    • Temperature Control: Try to avoid using it in the range of temperature exceeding its rated working temperature, so as not to affect its magnetic performance and service life.
    • Safe Operation: when operating, need to follow the relevant safety regulations, so as not to cause accidental injury.

    Sintered NdFeB block magnets have a key role in electric vehicle motors, which can provide strong magnetic support and efficient power transmission, providing a guarantee for the performance and reliability of electric vehicles. When in use, attention should be paid to avoiding impact and controlling the temperature to ensure its stable and reliable use.

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