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Neodymium magnets for voice coil motors

Voice coil motor neodymium magnet is a magnet material specially designed for voice coil motors, using rare earth neodymium-iron-boron material with high magnetic energy product and excellent magnetic properties. It is commonly used in drive systems in audio equipment and precision instruments.

    Product Advantage

    • Increased Magnetic Energy Product:Neodymium magnets for voice coil motors have a high magnetic energy product, which offers strong driving force and contributes to improved motor efficiency.
    • Superior Magnetic Properties: Stable magnetic characteristics guarantee that the motor operates reliably over time.
    • High Temperature Resistance: Strong stability at high temperatures, making it suited for high temperature environments.
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    Product Features

    • High magnetic energy product: Neodymium magnets are well-suited for voice coil motors that need a strong magnetic field intensity because of their high magnetic energy product.
    • Excellent magnetic properties: The material can meet the demands of voice coil motors for magnetic field strength and stability due to its good magnetic properties, which include coercivity, remanent magnetization, and other characteristics.
    • High temperature resistance: Neodymium magnets' capacity to maintain their magnetic properties over a particular temperature range is advantageous for voice coil motors running in heated environments.
    • Good mechanical properties: Neodymium magnets for voice coil motors have good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance to a certain extent, which can meet the requirements of voice coil motors for material strength and stability.

    Product Application

    Voice coil motor neodymium magnets are widely used in audio equipments, auto focus system of photographic equipments, drive system of precision instruments and other fields to provide reliable power support.

    Usage precautions

    • Steer clear of hard impacts to avoid magnetic degradation or harm from magnets.
    • Protect against exposure to high temperatures: Steer clear of extended exposure to high temperatures to prevent altering the magnetic properties.
    • Use caution when operating to prevent damage and magnet adsorption.

    Method Of Production

    • Selecting a material: pick premium rare earth NdFeB material.
    • Molding Procedure: Use the isostatic pressure molding or molding procedure.
    • Perform precise cutting, grinding, and magnetization as part of precision processing.

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