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    Are you ready to take a plane?

    2024-06-28 15:34:22

    New growth points of low altitude neodymium iron boron industryToday I would like to ask you a question, are you ready to "fly"?
    Recently, our domestic 360 president Zhou Hongyi made a move! With his nine years of maybach auction off, ready to change a Chinese new energy vehicles, but during the investigation of new energy vehicles, he came into contact with xiao peng hui day flying car, although in driving on the day not successful, but Zhou Hongyi has a new assessment of the flying car, that is to say the future flying car will improve our existing transportation network architecture, so flying car he actually belongs to a category of "low economy"!


    What are the implications of the LME for our rare earth industry?
    First of all, let's understand what is called "low altitude economy", low altitude economy is a relatively new concept, that is, this year, for the first time to the Chinese government work report, low altitude economy usually refers to the low altitude field, is really high in the 1000 meters below the commercial activities of the economic model. This model takes advantage of the characteristics of the low-altitude environment to realize efficient, low-cost commercial operations through innovation and technology application. The concept of low-altitude economy covers a wide range of fields and industries, including but not limited to the following:
    1.Low Altitude Aviation: The development of low altitude vehicles, drones and other technologies has made low altitude aviation possible. Low-cost airlines and urban helicopter services play an important role in the low-altitude economy, providing people with more convenient and economical ways to travel.
    2.Low-altitude logistics: The use of drones and other technologies to transport goods at low altitude can speed up logistics, reduce costs and improve efficiency. This low-altitude logistics mode has broad applications in express delivery, medical rescue and other fields.
    3.Low-altitude agriculture: The agricultural field can increase crop yields, reduce agricultural costs, and realize precision agricultural management by using low-altitude vehicles for agricultural exploration, irrigation, and other tasks.
    4.Low-altitude tourism: Low-altitude sightseeing and experience using hot air balloons, helicopters and other flying machines to provide tourists with a unique travel experience.
    5.Low-altitude recreation: commercial activities such as drone filming at low altitudes.
    6.Low-altitude industry: high-voltage power grid inspection, factory inspection, subway inspection and other high-cost inspection work can be replaced.
    7.Low-altitude strategy: drone bomb drops, drone reconnaissance, drone resupply.
    Overall, the low-altitude economy is an economic model that realizes efficient, low-cost business activities through the application of innovative technologies and business models in the low-altitude environment. As technology continues to advance and applications continue to expand, the low-altitude economy is expected to develop into an important economic sector in the future.
    Now the low altitude economy has been very widely used in China, according to the data of our Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2023, China's delivery of drones has exceeded 3.17 million, the development of civil drones has exceeded 2,300 companies, while the mass production of drone products exceeded 1,000 models, with more than 19,000 companies operating drones with people, these data clearly illustrate that the Chinese The field of low altitude economy has entered an obvious acceleration period, and there are already many areas with low altitude unmanned test flight zones in China's inland areas.
    For our rare earth industry this is what we call a new growth point, because this to drones or vertical take-off and landing of the airbus or air cab or, they are used in this electric propeller vertical technology, there must be a motor, and now because of the weight requirements of the drone itself he will need some power and weight of the product, then our neodymium-iron-boron products are no doubt the best choice in these low altitude vehicles. Is the best choice in these low altitude vehicles, according to the National Development and Reform Commission's estimates by 2030, the low altitude economy business model will exceed 500 billion yuan, so that the low altitude economy will be an important anchor point for our NdFeB industry.
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