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NdFeB Arc Segment - Strong Motor Magnets for Generators and Wind Turbine Rotors

Unleash the power of our NdFeB Arc Segment Magnets, specifically designed for high-performance applications in generators and wind turbine rotors. These strong motor magnets are the epitome of advanced magnetic technology, utilizing the exceptional properties of Neodymium to deliver unparalleled performance in renewable energy solutions.

    Key Features

    • High-Grade Neodymium: Composed of NdFeB, the most potent magnetic material, these arc segment magnets offer superior magnetic strength and durability.
    • Optimized for Generators and Turbines: Their unique arc-shaped design maximizes efficiency in generators and wind turbine rotors, enhancing energy output and reliability.
    • Permanent Magnetism: As permanent magnets, they provide consistent and long-lasting performance, crucial for renewable energy applications.
    • Tailored for High-Efficiency: Engineered to meet the demanding specifications of modern wind turbines and generators, ensuring optimal functionality and energy conversion.
    • Robust Construction: With a focus on longevity and performance, these magnets are built to withstand the challenging environments of renewable energy systems.


    • Wind Turbines: Integral in rotor assemblies for wind turbines, playing a vital role in renewable energy generation.
    • Generators: Used in various types of generators, enhancing efficiency and energy output in both industrial and residential setups.
    • Magnetic Motors: Suitable for high-efficiency motor designs, contributing to energy savings and improved motor performance.
    • Research and Development: Ideal for experimental projects and prototypes in the field of renewable energy and magnetic applications.
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    Our NdFeB Arc Segment Magnets are not just components; they are key enablers in the transition towards sustainable energy. Whether for industrial-scale wind turbines or innovative generator projects, these magnets offer the strength and reliability needed to push the boundaries of energy technology.

    Production Process

    • Selection: Select high-performance rare-earth permanent magnet materials, such as neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets, for their superior magnetic properties.
    • Forming: The powder of rare earth permanent magnet material is mixed with binder, and the magnet blank is made into the required shape by molding or injection molding process.
    • Sintering: The formed magnet blanks are put into a high temperature sintering furnace for high temperature sintering treatment to promote the crystalline linkage between the powder particles and to improve the magnetization strength and magnetic energy product.
    • Surface Treatment: After rough machining and sintering, the magnet blanks may need to undergo surface treatment, such as grinding, cutting, magnetization and other processes, in order to obtain the desired size and magnetic properties.
    • Inspection And Quality Control: The finished magnets are tested for magnetic properties, dimensional inspection and appearance quality check to ensure that the products meet the requirements.
    • Application: Install the fabricated magnets to the rotor of generator or wind turbine to generate magnetic field and realize electrical energy conversion.
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